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Kazuya UnleasedReview: The surprise of the final episode – Ayako isn’t useless. She’s a Japanese druid with the ability to call forth tree spirits to help her cleanse bad spirits. The trade off is she can’t summon them again for several years. How lame. Those paying attention already know Kazuya is a Super-Esper/PKer. He finally shows off a portion of his ability to crush a stick. Maybe something got lost in the translation but the notion they get beat up by a piece of holy driftwood is utterly ridiculous. Its like saying they got their butts kicked by a possessed daikon.

The paranormal theme is a nice change of pace from the typical angsty classroom shoujos. It fills a niche genre that needs more attention in anime: the paranormal without the sci-fi elements. The motley crew characters were interesting. The only character I disliked was Mai. She was tolerable until she started wailing like a banshee. Nothings more unsightly than a hysterical female. Nice reflective moments for the sentimental crowd like the Christmas story arc. Some episodes suffered the “Talking Head Syndrome”, that’s when a scene is so boring it degenerates into a bunch of talk heads for the viewer/reader. Too bad the finale’s climax was disappointingly flat. Blame the stick. Reviewing the entire series, the first 13 episodes are good but the 2nd half strays from it’s down to earth roots and takes off into the surreal. A real pity because it was the reality angle that caught my interest. The cheesy romance aspect I could digest as long as I got the X-Files like stories (w/o aliens of course). Overall the series gets :) x3 out of 5.

Final Thoughts: Suggest it for those who have time to burn or bishi loving fangirls.

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8 Responses to “Ghost Hunt | 25 [FINAL]”

  1. Nadj Says:

    I want to ask why did you make the final episode if the ending didn’s make any sense? Naru was being bully again and nothing happened between him and Mai. I dont know who even likes who. It’s just confusing and disappointing. Not to be rude or anything but I expected more and i never thought it would end just like that.
    i was hoping you could do another volume about the Ghost Hunt. i just wanted to see how things are going between those characters from that anime flick.

  2. mimi Says:

    I want to see alot more seasons of ghost hunt because its very interesting…and the final episode is confusing just like what Nadj says. I expected more episodes since the story line is great….great animes should have lots more episodes.

  3. #Doanimation Team# Says:

    1. It’s possible there is a Ghost Hunt season 2 in the distant horizon.
    The original writer of Ghost Hunt, Ono Fuyumi, hinted in an interview with TokyoPop that she’s “currently rewriting a girls’ horror series I wrote long ago.” (ANN) Tantalizing tidbit, no?

    2. It’s most likely the anime is a supplement to the manga. This way, curious fans will seek out the manga to fill in the missing pieces for the anime (go marketing!) while more die hard fans will seek out Ono’s original novels for epic spoilers.

    3. For those interested, the Ghost Hunt novels are called the Akuryou series written by Ono Fuyumi. There are a totoal of 10 novels. You’ll want 7&8 for the truth behind Naru’s mysterious past. 9&10 has more on Mai and astral Naru. Check out J-Wiki for book covers. Don’t expect a happy Hollywood style ending but readers will definately get more closure than watching the anime’s abrupt, lackluster ending. As for the manga, serialization stopped at the 6th novel. It’s unknown if publishers will finish Ono’s supernatural tale.

    4. Can’t wait? IKK posted ALL the spoilers, everything unexplained or never brought up in the anime. For example, what secret Masoka has over Naru, Naru’s identity, or why Naru smiles in Mai’s dreams but never in reality.” It’s a doozy, prepare yourself.

  4. Prita Says:

    I feel very dissapointing with the end of ghost hunt!Why Naru always use a black clothes?I never found the answer in the anime.

  5. #Doanimation Team# Says:

    Nice observation, Prita. Historically, black is a color of power (like purple is the color of royalty). Note how priests wear black. However, Naru most likely wears black because he is mourning his brother’s death. Thats right, Naru has an older brother. It’s one of many topics never covered in the anime.

  6. 1# Fã Says:

    Plz put the spoiler in portuquese plz 8***********

  7. Abbie Says:

    I have to agree with Nadj and Mimi, I was really hoping and expecting more episodes. It’s a great anime that should be continued. I was hooked from the start. So many things were left as cliff hangers, such a bummer. I really want to find out more. So please please please make another volume? Ghost Hunt is my favorite anime. Does anyone know when the new volume may be coming out?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    More ghost hunt pleaaasssssseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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