HSD Kenichi | 12


Wild Adversary, Tsuji ShinnosukeBattle 12 A New Enemy! Tsuji Shinnosuke!

Review: Its a battle of wills between Kenichi’s father, Motosugu, and a jar of tomato sauce. It’s a stalemate between the two but Kenichi pops it open in one go. Motosugu is elated Kenichi finally surpassed him in physical strength. However, when he catches Kenichi consulting a manual about girls he realizes his son still has a long ways to go before growing up into fine, upstanding young man.

Ragnarok has a far different perception of Kenichi. He’s officially recognized as a threat to the organization with Takeda’s defeat. Kisara is through trying to recruit Kenichi and places him on their hit list instead.

At school, Kenichi stuns Shimayama and Tanaka when he apologizes because he feels guilty they got into trouble because of him. They’re no match against his genuine sincerity. Unknowingly, Kenichi effectively subdues the two bullies without lifting a finger.

Kenichi gallantly attempts asking Miu out while they’re sparring but he gets a proper thrashing instead. The only one Kenichi can confidently turn to for dating help is Akisame. Using his superior intellect, he derives a solution for Kenichi in the form of a mathematical formula. Akisame is surprisingly inexperienced when it comes to affairs of the heart.

While out grocery shopping, Miu’s first instinct is to save Kenichi when wild hair Tsuji and his gang show up but Ma Kensei, who tailed the two on their “date”, sagely stops her. The best of intentions is not always best for the person in question. They secretly watch over him instead as Tsuji inevitably goads Kenichi into a duel by calling him Weak Legs.

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New!(5-6-07) screenshots
New!(2007-06-03) Veoh

Review: Another good episode. Funny throughout with amusing lines like “Age spares no one”/You didn’t have to say that, “YAA! Don’t talk about something so deep”, and “You shamed our freedom”…duel me! The “pacifist hero forced to fight” plot isn’t original but the outlandish characters more than make up for it. Only in the world of Kenichi, will a ninjitsu master solve a love delima with a mathematical algorithm, a weapons master and muay thai death god play bronc riding with a mouse, a chinese martial arts master sell candid, risqué photos of the dojo’s women, and have villians openly admit they don’t like to think too deeply.

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Overall: :mrgreen: x4

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