HSD Kenichi | 11


voodoo-doll-kenichi.jpgBattle 11 The Fist of Betrayal! Takeda’s Sad Past

Review: After hours of watching action genres, I’ve come to conclusion the best time to learn a person’s deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings is during highly stressful situations preferably the life or death type. Often, little prompting is required. It’s very common to have “heart to hearts” or “moments” during these times. It’s an amazing phenomenon that allows perfect strangers or people suffering from severe personality friction to “connect”. It’s also worth noting that spontaneous amour is another offshoot of this occurrence. They may also reveal emotionally charged memories or reveal the “master plan” such as the ever popular “take over the world” scheme or the equally popular “destroy the world” agenda. This may be explained by elevated levels of adrenaline and its dampening affect on the rational half of the brain. I’d like to propose this as a law dubbed the Temporal Emotive Effect as it only happens in isolated, small group settings. In Takeda’s case, he decides it’s perfectly normal to tell Kenichi his heart-rending past in the middle of beating the snot out of him. After all, it’s important to discuss why he became a delinquent while pummeling the opponent’s face.

Sadly the art takes a dive in this episode. I think it’s the norm for small productions with constrained budgets or maybe they need to subcontract the animation to better studios. The consistency is so bad it makes you wonder how many groups work on it. The one aspect that stays constant is the background quality. Luckily, nothing saves a bad presentation like a good story. E11 is entertaining as expected. The end is very amusing with Akisame showing off more of his understated humor.

One point of irritation: last weeks overview took up seven minutes of the show.

Grab the highlight (2.69MB) image pack.
New!(5-6-07) screenshots
New!(2007-06-03) Veoh

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Story:   :| :) :D :D
Visuals: :( :?
Sound:  :) :) :) :) :)
Overall: :mrgreen: x4

Copyright 2007 (DoA)nimation. Images copyright to their respective owners.


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