HSD Kenichi | 09


faces-of-apachai.jpgBattle 9 Apa pa pa! Apachai’s Training

Summary: Apachai struggles to lesson his lethal Muay Thai techniques for Kenichi who’s counting on him for an impending match with Takeda, a professional level boxer according to Niijima’s data. To everyone’s horror, it proves difficult for Apachai who fatally strikes Kenichi during practice. While Kenichi is clinging to dear life at Ryouzanpaku, tempers flare amongst members at Ragnarok’s base as signs of dissention fissure Ragnarok’s upper ranks. Takeda becomes the target of an internal power struggle but he demonstrates he’s a more than capable fighter should a challenge arise. Kenichi recovers from the brink of death with Akisame’s quick medical help but sustains a little memory loss which leaves him blissfully looking forward to more Muay Thai training, much to Miu’s dismay. In the end, teaching Kenichi is also a learning experience for Apachai because though he may be a master of Muay Thai fighting, he has yet to master the simple art of self-control.

Full (8.44MB) or highlight image pack (2.24MB).
New!(5-6-07) screenshots
New!(2007-06-03) Veoh

Another good episode like ep 4 and just as funny if not funnier but with better production quality. Even Shigure is amusing in this one. Also a semi-serious episode. Comes off cheesy but returns to normal by the end.

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