HSD Kenichi | 07


Battle 07 Battle! The Gang Fights Back

Kenichi 7

Summary: Kenichi’s future looks bleak with the Ragnarok Trio on the hunt. His countermeasure is to hide out at his safe haven, the school’s greenhouse. He feels the safest among the plants that don’t judge him like his peers or put his body through hardships like the Ryouzanpaku masters. He compares himself to a tiny plant he adopted which, like him, doesn’t look like its growing. The sentiment stems from his frustrations of making little progress and feelings of having learned nothing at the dojo. All the Ryouzanpaku masters teach him is basic techniques. As fate would have it, he has a run in with Koga while he’s out reluctantly practicing a basic technique but its Kensei’s “basic” technique that saves him. He has a dismal training session following the fight and is really depressed at school the next day. He goes to comfort himself at the greenhouse but finds it wasted by Daimonji. As if the pointless destruction wasn’t enough, Daimonji drops Kenichi’s adopted plant he cared for so diligently and tramples it. Kenichi takes him out with one blow but it’s an empty victory because the greenhouse was destroyed. A few days later, Izumi shows Kenichi his adopted plant is alright. It didn’t grow fast but grew strong and hardy instead, allowing it to survive Daimonji’s trampling. It makes Kenichi realize that he’s improving too, even if it isn’t noticeable. His spirits improve, and he trains with renewed vigor. All thanks to his little plant.

Review: full image pack (6.82MB) or highlights image pack (3.47MB).
New!(5-6-07) screenshot
New!(2007-06-03) Veoh

The lesson in this episode reminds me of Aesop’s moral from The Tortoise and the Hare: slow and steady wins the race. There were plenty of hints to tell him otherwise but our hero Kenichi is a bit dense and doesn’t get it until the end. :roll: Guess that’s how it is~ we don’t learn our lesson until something unpleasant happens to us.

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