HSD Kenichi | 06


Battle 06 A Day At Ryouzanpaku! The Dream on the Roof

Kenichi 6

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Summary: Kenichi can’t help but feel completely inadequate when he compares himself to Miu. She’s intelligent, athletic, and talented in everything she does. What he doesn’t know is Miu’s being bullied by Taskashima who doesn’t want to share the lime light with her. Much to Takashima’s frustration, any effort to trouble Miu backfires and just makes her even more popular in the club. Back at home Kenichi’s family is in an uproar over Kenichi staying at the dojo on the weekends. It’s not because he wants to train more or because of brainwashing like his father believes. It’s for survival. With strong opponents picking fights with him, his life depends on it. Kenichi’s adorable little sister, Honoka, is fed up with her brother’s suspicious behavior and tracks him down to the dojo. Her sharp little mind concludes Miu is seducing Kenichi to stay at Ryouzanpaku using her womanly weapons. When she tries to save Kenichi, she has a crushing realization her brother doesn’t need her help anymore. He chooses Miu and the dojo over her and the family. Hurt, Honoka concedes defeat for the day and storms off but she’s not done with Ryouzanpaku or Miu, who unwittingly gains another rival. To make matters worse, Kenichi brings up Miu’s parents which is a sensitive topic for her. She lost her parents when she was very young and grew up under Hayato’s strict guidance. So not only did she miss out on family life but she never had friends because of the rigorous training she endured as a child. That’s why having Kenichi as a friend is such a big deal for her. She gained her skills and abilities through hard work, sweat, and tears; not from natural talent like Kenichi thought. The only master who isn’t actively involved with training Kenichi is Shigure. Her thoughts about him is as mysterious as her background. She doesn’t seem interested in him at all but shows signs contrary to the fact. Later that evening, Miu lets Kenichi know that even though her life was difficult at first, she adores her new replacement family. Kenichi also helped her make one of her dreams come true: to sit at her favorite spot and view the stars with friends. She cherishes her friendship with Kenichi and wants to be friends with him forever. Kenichi doesn’t like the implications behind her statement but he’s willing to accept friendship for now.

Review: I’d tag this episode a filler. Instead of showing Kenichi evolve into a vertebrate, this episode focuses on showing another side of our buxom heroine Miu, and the comedic clash with his little sister, Honoka. Since Shigure makes a prominent appearance at the end, predicting a major role for her in the near future.

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