HSD Kenichi | 05


Battle 05 A Date? Must Move Forward

Kenichi 5

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Summary: Kenichi thought by defeating Tsubuka he won’t have to fight anymore but he’s wrong. Now, the infamous gang, Ragnarok, is after him. Kenichi blames it on Sakaki and the others because each fight only complicates his life more instead of easing it. They don’t deny his accusations, they didn’t tell him so he wouldn’t run away. Kenichi resorts to sneaking around at school to dodge Ragnarok who’re mercilessly searching for him. His only sanctuary is the Garden Club where he solaces himself by tending to plants and flowers. Niijima is also hassling Kenichi, stalking him everywhere he goes. A more pressing issue is, Kenichi has lost his will to fight. It’s a very serious matter to the Ryouzanpaku masters. His training is suffering because he doubts himself and his abilities. The wily Akisame concocts a plan, using a date with Miu to bring back Kenichi’s focus and enthusiasm. Kenichi makes the most of his special day with Miu even though it’s more like an outing between friends than a “date”. When they come across Ragnarok roughing up Niijima, Kenichi wants to walk away but Miu chastises him. He recalls why he wanted to become strong in the first place: to stand up for all the people who can’t. He’s scared at first but he trusts in his training. He amazes himself when he takes down an attacker with one hit. After saving Niijima, Kenichi and Miu discover the date was actually a ploy devised by Akisame but it wasn’t to get Kenichi to train harder. The Ryouzanpaku masters arranged it so Kenichi would be forced to fight Ragnarok, the source of his problem, head on and regain his confidence. The true purpose of “the date”. Kenichi wants to quit but Hayato encourages him to continue and “become a hero who can beat men by the thousands!”

Review: After an excellent 4th episode, the 5th one is a bit boring. I guess it can’t be helped since its setting up the next big fight. Really liking how Miu is portrayed crying when Kenichi is mean to her (carried over from episode 4) because it’s unexpected coming from a girl who can easily cream an entire battalion of fighters. She’s also unexpectedly shy about simple things we take for granted like riding carousels. Very cute. :) From the little bit revealed about her background, it’s obvious she gained her fighting ability by sacrificing a normal childhood. The adorable chibi-Miu training in front of her grandpappy is classic. As for Kenichi, I knew there was something fishy about him eyeing those potted plants in episode 1. He has a secret plant fetish. Yeesh, no wonder kids bully the guy. Survival skills 101: when you’re a kid, do not deviate from the norm or you’ll be singled out and picked on. Two surefire ways to get away with being “different” is if you’re popular or a jock. Looks like Kenichi is taking the jock route.

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