HSD Kenichi | 04


Battle 04 Fighting Hell! To Fight or Not to Fight

Kenichi 4 screencaps

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New!(5-6-07) screenshots
New! (2007-06-03) Veoh

Summary: Akisame is true to his word. He, along with Kensei and Apachai, begin training Kenichi basic techniques. Sakaki is the only one who adamantly refuses to teach. However, he’s won over by Kenichi’s determination and conviction. It’s a stunning development that shocks even the straight-faced Shigure. Sakaki promises to teach him a technique to take down Tsukuba. In the meantime, Tsukuba meets with Ragnarok who frequently gives him the task of testing fighters. He’s stomping on a Judo student at school when Miu stops him. Unlike Kenichi, Tsukuba’s more than willing to raise his hand against a girl. Miu is ready to fight but Kenichi steps in like a knight in full gardening regalia. Kenichi conquerors his fear of Tsukuba and realizes the importance of all his recent training. It’s vital to scope out the opponent in order to properly strategize the best moves to counter and win against them. That’s why he’s able to perfectly execute the Yamazaki technique against Tsukuba. He wasn’t expecting a move that is illegal in sports karate. Apachai’s agility training helps him move quickly to block a kick with Kensei’s technique, grab an incoming punch, then throw Tsukuba who’s lighter than air compared to Akisame’s solid stone “Throwing King from Hell”. This time it’s Tsukuba who goes down. The next day at school, students are avoiding Kenichi because Niijima is spreading the news Kenichi defeated Tsukuba. A horrified Kenichi stops him but the damage is already done. Niijima points out his next adversaries. A trio from Ragnarok, the strongest gang of delinquents in the district.

Review: The series really hits its stride with this episode. There’s a new level of expectation now since Kenichi started his real training. There’s more interaction between characters and it’s amusing to watch each of the Ryouzanpaku masters’ personalities finally surface. The main antagonists for the series also make their first appearance too. The best point of this animation is the comedy which is definitely quicker and funnier in this episode. Instead of sucking as the series progresses, it gets better. The only flaw is the fights don’t last long enough :( but it’s a minor one. And finally, this is purely conjecture but I swear there’s some kind of subliminal erotica going on in this episode. The odd poisition of the the Throwing King’s hands and the suggestive shadow on the tatami mat… 8\

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