HSD Kenichi | 03


Battle 03 Strength and Courage! Protecting Justice

Kenichi 3 screencaps

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New!(5-6-07) screenshots
New! (2007-06-03) Veoh

Summary: The next day, Kenichi is depressed because he has to fight again. Miu tries to change the topic by talking abut clubs. She joined the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club. Kenichi on the other hand, joined the Gardening Club. Crafty Niijima suddenly shows up and uses Kenichi to befriend Miu.

Everyone at Ryouzanpaku already know tougher opponents are after Kenichi since he defeated Daimonji. Sakaki tells Miu the other masters knew that would happen, so that’s why they didn’t teach him techniques. They only trained his body (endurance, stamina, agility, strength) so he’d lose but survive the fight with Daimonji because if Kenichi won, people would come to challenge him. Kenichi’s family is even more concerned since he comes home exhausted and covered in bruises. His cute little sister is in tears and his father is beside himself with worry. He’s ready to storm Ryouzanpaku with his trusty gun, Sebastian. Luckily, Kenichi’s level-headed mother calms his father and disaster is adverted for the day. Miu has her own problems at school. She wanted a lowkey school life but ends up becoming popular and gaining an adversary, the head of the Rhythmic Gymnastic Club. After dodging Tsukuba’s goons all day, Kenichi finally gets caught. Tsukuba thrashes him then leaves disgusted when he goes down in two hits. Kenichi didn’t put up a fight because Tsukuba is way out of his league. He feels so low he can’t face Miu. Akisame feels for Kenichi and decides to teach him techniques. A new energy spreads among the masters as they seriously train Kenichi.

Review: We finally get to see his family. He gets his looks from his mother and his personality from his father. For some reason, his mother looks like a ninja. This is “anime”, I wouldn’t doubt it if she really was a ninja, maybe the daughter of a deadly ninja clan. His father is so~o funny. Every time the father comes up, I’ll think “Come forth, Sebastian!” Yeah, he’s not average looking either. Bets on Kenichi’s family turning out to be a super powerful martial arts clan, of course clans have to be from a long lineage at least from the Edo period, and mabye keepers of a special technique.

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