HSD Kenichi | 02


Battle 02 The First Step! The Start of Battle

E02 screencaps

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New!(5-6-07) screenshots
New!(2007-06-03) Veoh

Summary: Kenichi undergoes merciless training by Akisame because he refuses to teach fighting techniques until his body is fit enough to handle it.

Miu overhears Daimonji talk trash about Kenichi. He plans to beat Kenichi to a bloody pulp so he’ll never want to come back. Fired up, she meets Kenichi outside the dojo as he hobbles home again after another day of grueling strength, stamina, and agility traininng. She gives him extra lessons in a high level technique called the sidestep. He has trouble with the move right away and he plunges into dispair. Miu tells him he’ll never win against Daimonji with his defeatist attitude.

The week is up. Kenichi survived training at Ryouzanpaku.

Kenichi’s fight with Daimonji isn’t going well but he finally figures out the sidestep and knocks him out in one fluid move. He wins but accepts defeat by default for thowing Daimonji. Kenichi is feeling low because he had to quit karate then cheers up when Niijima finally acknowledges him but Niijima quickly dashes his high spirits.

Tsukuba, the club member who refereed the fight, is coming for him next.

Review: It seems odd Kenichi picks up skills so fast, he did it in one week. Further supports my theory he’s not a normal kid. Anime should be renamed to History’s Strongest Underdog.

Daimonji pecs! (full size)
Daimonji, bully of the year.

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