Tokyo Tribe 2 | Track 05


First Impression: Holeeeee cow. Scary dreadlocks just chopped a guy in half with his bare hands.


Summary: Sunmi puts the moves on Kai but he stops her. Hashimu and Tamiyama are corned by Waru. Luckily, Chef steps out and saves the two from certain death. Shortly after, Waru go on a rampage around town. Jyada flys into Japan and meets Buppa to relay a message. He’s also looking for a woman who looks like Mera’s woman, Sunmi. Jyada sees Hand and chops one of them in half with his bare hands. The Hands is upset over the death of thier comrade. They gear up to deliver retribution on the Wu-ronz. They clash on the streets with the two leaders in in death match like some tv drama: samurai vs ronin. Kai, Hashimu, and Tamiyama plan a party. Kai has a dream about about the past, when Mera severed ties with Kai. He wakes up and finds Tamiyama still working on the computer. When he goes back to sleep, Tamiyama sends a phone message with Saru’s plans to an unknown recipient.

Quick review: Looks like betrayl is in the works. Tamiyama is sending suspicious messages in the middle of the night, and Sunmi is seducing Kai. The moment she whispered “Help me” to him, I figured Sunmi and Kai would eventually end up lip-locking. She’s starting to develop a personality. Been thinking Sunmi was a pointless character up til now. Maybe she’s the daughter of a powerful druglord.

Copyright 2007 (DoA)nimation. Images and trademarks copyright to their respective owners.


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