5 centimeters per second (aka 5cm)


5 Centimeters Per Second (not in a lo~ong time) teaser features a moving combination of stunning art and haunting piano score. Watch the subtitled version or better yet, download it (unsubtitled). Nab the 24.3MB wmv version for HiDef wowness.

The trailer features more scenes from the animation accompanied by the same amazing piano piece and also features an envoking song entitled One More Time, One More Chance. Watch the subtitled trailer or download it (unsubtitled).

I’m going to reserve comment on the actual animation until I see it. I’ve seen too many promising films that sucked massive donkey balls (I blame you, Underworld). It does look promising though. Maybe the director will give Hayao Miyazaki a run for his money. As far as I know, it’s due for theatrical release early spring 2007.

Schwing, January 23, 2007 @ 02:37


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