Tokyo Tribe 2 | Characters


+ Saru +
Kai (seiyuu/声優: Daisuke Namikawa)
Tera (seiyuu/声優: Yuji Ueda) – Saru’s benevolent leader.
Hashimu (seiyuu/声優: Makoto Higo)
Kei Tamiyama – Listed as Shokicho on the offical website. He joins Saru and given the title Secretary by Hashimu.
Kim (seiyuu/声優: Mitsuaki Madono) – Enters Wu-ronz territory to visit club Saga.

+ Wu-ronz +
Mera (seiyuu/声優: Kenta Miyake) – Katana toting leader of the Wu-ronz.
Skunk (seiyuu/声優: Zennosuke Fukkin)
Sunmi (seiyuu/声優: Yu Kobayashi) – Call girl who looks like Mera’s previous girlfriend.

+ Other +
Bubba (seiyuu/声優: Daisuke Gouri) – also spelled Buppa by fans.
Nkoi (seiyuu/声優: Shinichiro Miki) – Super male student, popular with the girls. He’s Buppa’s son and heir.
Galileo (seiyuu/声優: Kiyoyuki Yanada) – Nkoi’s friend and bodyguard.

Copyright 2007 (DoA)nimation. Images and trademarks copyright to their respective owners.


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