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Character list contains spoilers.

Ryouzanpaku Cast
The residence of masters who pursue “pure, non-sports martial arts”. It’s used as the battleground for challengers who show up periodically to challenge the masters. Ryouzanpaku is often in financial distress due to lack of revenue. They collect fees for challenges but it’s not enough and new members are sparse (actually zero at Kenichi’s arrival). So it survives solely through Miu’s frugal bookkeeping and diligence.

The Main Characters

白浜兼一 Shirahama Kenichi
Kenichi Shirahama (seiyuu/声優: Tomokazu Seki)
1st year high school student, Class E, 15 years old. He’s kind, a bit of a pervert, and a complete coward. Fond of reading How-To manuals. He has a mad crush on Miu but she comically doesn’t seem to notice. Doesn’t like being called “Weak Legs”, his nickname from middle school. He wants to change himself and joins Ryouzanpaku to become strong. He trains with an unheard of five Masters, each prolific in different areas martial arts. Kenichi’s form of fighting is a fusion of his unique training: Muay Thai Boxing, Jujitsu, Karate, Chinese martial arts, and advanced weaponry. He has his own brand of justice which he follows with unwavering conviction. Whereas his opponents fight for power or for the sadistic joy of fighting, Kenichi fights to protect those who can’t. However his beliefs sometimes cause him problems such as his absolute refusal to hit a girl. He wears a yin-yang badge all the time but he doesn’t know why when Miu questions him about it. Together, they go back to his old neighborhood to uncover the history behind the badge. At a candy stall beyond a park, he finally remembers that he traded a cat button for a yin-yang badge with a little girl when he was a kid. Sadly he finally realizes the little girl was Miu whereas she knew from the start (see Miu for more). Shortly after, he remembers that the cat badge is actually from his childhood friend, Ryuto, the one and only 1st Fist of Ragnarok (see Ryuto). After his loss to Odin, the Elder takes Kenichi away for special training in the wilds where he must survive on his own. The survival training is actually a plan to make Kenichi chose what type of martial arts he wants to practice: Sei (Clarity) or Dou (Force). See Hayato for more.
Quote: “Be quiet, devil! Here’s JUSTICE SLAP!”
Nickname: Weak legs, Sand bag, The School’s Strongest Delinquent, Ken-chan, Engine-kun, Number One Disciple

Miu Furinji
風林寺美羽 Fuurinji Miu (seiyuu/声優: Tomoko Kawakami)
Cute transfer student with deadly fighting skills befriends Kenichi on her first day of school. 1st year, Class E. 15 years old. Hayato the Elder is her grandfather. Her parents died when she was a child and has been in her grandfather’s care ever since. She trained in martial arts since middle school and never had friends growing up due to her unique background. So she never got to do simple things like hang out with friends. That’s why she cherishes Kenichi’s friendship. However, their relation actually goes back farther to when they were children. She actually lived in the same neighborhood as Kenichi but they had never met until that fateful day at the candy stall. After begging Hayato, she finally got a coin to get a cat button from a toy dispenser; unfortunately she got a yin-yang badge instead. She cried so pitifully, Kenichi, who was there with Ryuto (see Odin for more), felt sorry for her and traded his cat button for her yin-yang button. She treasures the cat button to this day, implying she knew early on Kenichi was the little boy who gave her the button.
Quote: “I’ve only learned a little martial arts myself.”
Other quotes: “She’s like a feather gliding through the air.” (Kenichi)
Nickname: Honey, Big Boobs, Forehead girl, Little Kitty, youkai (monster), Dairy cow (or milk cow), Cow Boobs

The Ryouzanpaku Masters

アパチャイ・ホパチャイ Apachai Hopachai (seiyuu/声優: Hiroya Ishimaru)
28 year old “Death God” of Muay Thai boxing. Gentle personality despite his inability to control his strength. Makes voodoo dolls of Kenichi to protect his disciple, a skill he picked up from Shigure.
Quote: “Apa pa!”

馬剣星 Ma Kensei (seiyuu/声優: Issei Futamata)
Perverted master of Chinese martial arts. 41 years old.
Quote: “Panties—”

岬越寺秋雨 Kouetsuji Akisame (seiyuu/声優: Juurouta Kosugi)
Philosophical jujitsu master. 38 years old. Skilled in bone healing and building muscles. Kenichi’s first Master. He thoroughly trains Kenichi’s body in preparation of learning advanced techniques but more importantly, in order to survive the training. Kenichi learns Akisame is just as strong as Sakaki and Apachai even though his build is smaller. That’s because Akisame trained twenty years to cover his body in pink muscles, a hybrid of white and red muscles, which gives him amazing power and stamina. He’s the most academia oriented Master at Ryouzanpku. Well versed in literature, arts, and science. He’s a natural actor and easily memorizes lines from Romeo and Juliet to help Miu practice for a play, surprisingly good guitar player, sculpts wood and stone, invents outlandish training devices, writes poetry and even uses physics to explain love to Kenichi. He’s also a very intuitive person, able to easily understand what people are thinking.
Nickname: Master of All, Genius Craftsman, Little Mustache

Shio Sakaki
逆鬼至緒 Sakaki Shio (seiyuu/声優: Unshou Ishizuka)
100th level karate master. 29 years old. Frequently seen with a bottle or jug of alcohol.
Quote: “I don’t take disciples.”

Shigure Kousaka
香坂しぐれ Shigure Kousaka (seiyuu/声優: Mamiko Nota)
Weapons master and sword prodigy. Age unknown. Keeps a pet mouse.
Quote: “Punishment!”

Hayato Furinji
風林寺隼斗 Fuurinji Hayato (seiyuu/声優: Hiroshi Arikawa)
Miu’s grandfather and undefeated “Elder” of Ryouzanpaku. Age unknown. The Elder was a monster, crushing opponents and entire dojos in his youth. He built Ryouzanpaku to make it easier to battle opponents. He doesn’t teach Kenichi any martial arts but he often shows up at crucial moments to offer the new disciple sage advice. He actually thinks Kenichi is very strong and compares the boy to himself when he was young. Later, he masterminds a plot to help Kenichi determine what type of fighter he wants to become in light of his defeat to Odin (see Ryuto).
Quote: “I’m not a master— I’ve just never lost.”

Ryouzanpaku’s resident mascot and Shigure’s pet mouse. He often sneaks inside Kenichi’s bento box and sneaks food then gets Apachai to take the blame.

Ragnarok Cast
Ragnarok is a gang concerned only with power and collecting strong members. It’s compromised of strong individuals with their own gangs. The strongest gang leaders form the top tier, who control everyone in Ragnarok, called the Seven Fists League. Once Kisara is promoted into the League it becomes the Eight Fists League.

OgataOgata Ishinsai
Aka Saint of Fist.
The mysterious leader of Ragnarok. Called Kensei-sama by the Fists. He was in line to be the first disciple of Ryouzanpaku but Elder objected because he saw Ogata was dangerous. Unlike the Ryouzanpaku masters, he actually kills his opponents.

The Ragnarok Fists
The Fists are the strongest gang leaders in the Ragnarok organization. The organization works on a simple hierarchy system where those of lower rank always takes orders from higher ranking officers.

Kisara Kisara Nanjou (seiyuu/声優: Minami Takayama)
aka Valkyrie, 8th Fist
Leads a gang within Ragnarok and was once part of Freya’s gang. She sends goons after Kenichi to recruit him into the gang but views him as a threat to the organization later and tries to eliminate him. She’s promoted to the League in E19 becoming the 8th Fist.
Attack: Double Kick

7th Fist
Siegfried’s best friend. A part of Ragnarok to make sumo practical in real combat. Calls his hybrid style Fighting Sumo.
Attack: Overhand Throw
Special Attack: Leg Muscle Tornado

HermitTanimoto Natsu (seiyuu: 堀川りょう Horikawa Ryo)
aka Hermit, 6th Fist
1st year student, Class B. Attends the same school as Kenichi and Miu. Niijima’s data: Tanimoto is an athlete, intelligent, drama club star and president, and #1 male student idolized by girls. His master is Ma Sougetsu, a hitman aka God of Fist, and Ma Kensei’s older brother. Hermit was an orphan adopted at the age of 6 by a wealthy business man. He was then groomed to become heir of Tanimoto Enterprises, obediantly doing as told for his sister’s sake.
Nickname: Idol-looking guy
Attack: Conqueror’s Fist, Turtle Dragon Chop, Reverse Neck Chop

SiegfriedSiegfried (seiyuu: 真殿光昭 Madono Mitsuaki)
5th Fist
He likes to fight because he likes the sounds created during fights. It gives him inspiration for musical compositions. When he hears the music created by Niijima, he defects to Shinpaku and becomes Niijima’s devout follower. Provides him council from time to time. Calls Niijima his “demon lord”.
Specialty: reading attacks
Special Attack: Round Attack, Requiem Buster

LokiLoki (seiyuu: 藤原啓治 Fujiwara Keiji)
4th Fist
Schemes against Odin. His plan involves making Berserker the next 1st Fist.
Nickname: Four-eyed turtle

Three of Cards
The three founding members of Ragnarok. Strongest of the Fists who take orders directly from Saint of Fists.

3rd Fist
Leads her own gang of girls called Valkyries. Joined Ragnarok with hopes to learn from Kensei (Saint of Fists) of Yomi.

2nd Fist
Nickname: The Immortal Fighter

OdinRyuto Asamiya (seiyuu: 成田剣 Narita Ken)
aka Odin, 1st Fist.
He is one of the three founding members of Ragnarok called Three of Cards and personally taught by the mysterious Saint of Fists. Ryuto is actually Kenichi’s childhood friend. He was the one who gave Kenichi the cat button those many years ago in front of the candy stall, who in turn gave it to a girl (see Miu) in exchange for the yin-yang button. A reoccurring theme between them is “the promise” they made together as children which Kenichi forgot so Ryuto forces Kenichi to remember. After exchanging buttons, he and Kenichi watched the girl defeat thugs harassing the candy stall’s elderly owner. They were so impressed, they promised each other to become as strong as her. He’s shocked when Kenichi reveals the little girl from that day is actually Miu. Instead of a happy reunion it quickly turns into a fight with the yin-yang button as the prize. He defeats Kenichi and takes the badge. He only says it’s not the button he wants but revenge for something unforgivable Kenichi did to him 10 years ago. In it’s place, he crushes a worn yet identical badge and throws it to Kenichi.

The Ragnarok Trio
High ranking members in Kisara’s gang. They’re sent after Kenichi when Tsukuba fails. Each one specializes in one particular attack style.

TaichiKoga Taichi (seiyuu/声優: Mayumi Yamaguchi)
Also called Koga the Kicker. Part of the trio sent out to find Shirahama. He finds Kenichi first, practicing a windmill like technique with Miu. He’s smitten with Miu and smugly declares he’ll make her his woman but he’s scared off when she beats up all his goons.
Quote: “The kitten is a youkai!”

UkitaUkita Kozo (seiyuu/声優: Toru Ohkawa)
Ragnarok member also called Ukita the Thrower. Part of the trio sent out to find Shirahama. On the surface it looks like he doesn’t get along with Takeda but it turns out Ukita respects him a lot.

TakedaTakeda Ikki (seiyuu/声優: Kazuki Yao)
Aka Takeda the Striker (Puncher). Ragnarok member and leader of the trio Kisara commands to find Shirahama. His powerful left hook is called “The Illusionary Left Fist”. He comes up with a successful hostage plan by preying on Kenichi’s morals. He once had a promising future in boxing but quit because he lost the use of his left arm during a brawl to help out his best friend, Ikeshita. Ikeshita repays his sacrifice by ditching him. Deeply hurt by the betrayal, he becomes a delinquent with severe trust issues which he masks with a nonchalant attitude as a front to protect himself from future let downs. His outlook changes during his fight with Kenichi who risks his life to save him from falling off the school roof. Then fate called Miu lands him Akisame’s care. Everyone is ecstatic when he moves his left arm for the first time since he injured it. He only needs 732 painful therapy sessions to fully mend his arm. He has a strong sense of fair play and easy-going nature. He becomes Kenichi’s loyal friend, defends him from bullies at school, and later saves him from Tsuji Shinnosuke. Since then, he’s taken up boxing again and joins the Shinpaku Alliance.
Special Attack: Ultra Upper Punch

Other Ragnarok Members

Shiratori (seiyuu: 皆川 純子 Minagawa Junko)
He isn’t mentioned in the comics but shown as a prominent character in the anime. Often portrayed as Kisara’s 2nd in command and loyal supporter.
Nicknames: Long Hair

TsujiTsuji Shinnosuke (seiyuu: 一条和矢 Ichijou Kazuya)
An experienced fighter with ambitious dreams of climbing to the top of Ragnarok. Rough and outspoken officer in Kisara’s group. When he fails to recruit Kenichi into his own gang, he defeats Kenichi and is about to break his legs but luckily,  Takeda rescues him before Tsuji succeeds. He later challenges Kisara for position of 8th Fist but is thwarted by Kenichi. His reputation is then trashed by Niijima who spreads false rumors causing his gang to desert him except two loyal friends. In a rematch, he’s easily defeated by Kenichi. He decides to quit Ragnarok and start another group with his two friends.
Nicknames: Messy hair

Number 20#20
Loki’s loyal personal assistant. Excellent lock pick. She runs errands for Loki from gathering intel on Shinpaku at the Matsue Lark restaurant to buying puzzles. During Kenichi and Hermit’s rematch, she holds Honoka hostage so Loki can run amuck. Hermit slaps her unconscious when she cuts Honoka’s cheek with a knife.

FurukawaFurukawa Takashi (seiyuu: 千葉一伸 Chiba Isshin)
Minor character trying to make a name for himself in Ragnarok. Unstable and short fused. He flips at the sight of his own blood. Miu thrashes him for threatening Kenichi with a knife. Kenichi has to learn to fight against weapons with Shigure because of him.

Cap guyCap Guy
Part of Tsuji’s gang. He stays with Tsuji when the rest of the members abandon Tsuji after Niijima spread wild rumors about his defeat. Kenichi reminds Tsuji they stayed because they’re his friends. He goes on to follow Tsuji in forming another group.

Glasses guyGlasses Guy
Part of Tsuji’s gang. Stays with Tsuji when the rest of the gang leave. He gets emotional when Tsuji tries to disband the gang but then follows Tsuji to form another group when he recants his decision.

Freya’s ValkyriesValkyries
Freya’s gang is compose of sailor moonish girls called Valkyries who wield various old school weapons. They attack Kisara for betraying Ragnarok and end up hurting a kitten under her care. They’re defeated by Shigure then given a ego bruising lecture for their bad form.

Supporting Cast
A collection of friends, family, and foes.

Kouryuu High School Cast
Peaceful looking high school on the surface, it’s actually teaming with strong individuals of various fighting styles. It’s the uncontested territory of the areas strongest gang, Ragnarok. The teachers seem blissfully unaware of (or ignores) the gang activity on school grounds.

Niijima新島春男 Niijima Haruo (seiyuu/声優: Takumi Yamazaki)
Weasel-like guy whose known Kenichi since middle school. He collects data on students and shows special interest in Kenichi’s development. 16 years old. Later, he uses Kenichi to form his own gang called Shinpaku Alliance then uses extortion or cajoles former Ragnarok members into joining the newly formed gang.
Quote: “Information collected.”
Nickname: Demon-faced alien, “win or flee” master, demon, demon lord
Skills: groveling, hiding, guilded tongue, running away, collecting data
Special Attack: Dancing Feet, Niijima Combo (Mace and Customized Baton Attack), Niijima Trash Can Toss
Special Abilities: Niijima Pivot, Niijima Trick “River Kappa Jump”, Niijima Eyes

Niijima’s PDAPDA
Niijima’s personal custom PDA where he stores data on all the students at school and intelligence report about Ragnarock. Anti-shock and Water-resistant. Insinuated the PDA has wireless capabilities plus camera and camcorder features.

DaimonjiDaimonji {Makoto} (seiyuu: 一条和矢 Ichijou Kazuya)
1st year Karate club member. He dislikes weak people and bullies Kenichi. He takes pride in his muscular physique and strength which got him scouted for the club. He likes to show off his muscles and flex his pecs.
Quote: “Weaklings are already decided at birth, fool!”
Nickname: Beast
Attacks: Daimonji kick, Daimonji punch

TsukubaTsukuba {Saizou} (seiyuu: Yanada Kiyoyuki)
3rd year vice-captain of the karate club. Refereed the fight between Daimonji and Kenichi in ep01. Ragnarok gives him the task of testing strong fighters at school. His habit is to crush nuts in his hands.

IzumiIzumi Yuuka
Garden club member. She has a crush on Kenichi. Considers Miu her rival in love. When she discovers Kenichi’s living arrangements, Izumi eventually confronts Miu, with Niijima’s support, on a one on one duel over Kenichi.

Rhythmic Gymnastics captain Takashima Chihiro (seiyuu: 久川綾 Hisakawa Aya)
2nd year captain of the Rhythmic Gymnastics club. She was club’s top performer until Miu becomes the club’s new star athlete. She hates sharing the limelight and tries to sabotage Miu whenever she gets the chance.

Classroom bully #1Shimayama
Tanaka’s friend and Kenichi’s classmate. He picks on Kenichi and calls him Weak Legs. Because of a misunderstanding, Ukita uses him and Tanaka as bait to lure out Kenichi. Kenichi reluctantly rescues them, not for them but for himself. He hasn’t bothered Kenichi since.

Classroom bully #2 Tanaka
Kenichi’s classmate and friends with Shimayama. He also picked on Kenichi with Shimayama. He’s used as hostage along with Shimayama by Ukita because of a misunderstanding. Hasn’t bothered Kenichi since.

A student at Kenichi’s high school. She an Izumi are harassed by the pink jacket gangster who’s looking for Miu to deliver retribution for his past humiliation. They escape danger when Kenichi and Akisame show up.

Drama club member, Vice-President. He was the last drama club member with Tanimoto until he was scared off by school bullies who wanted the clubroom for themselves. He erroneously confronts Kenichi about being too violent after a false rumor went around school pinning Kenichi with beating up the bullies.

Shinpaku Alliance member. His claim to fame is getting thrown off a bridge by Hermit when Shinpaku came fact to face with him during a territory patrol. Niijima conveniently rescues him as a excuse to run away from Hermit but Kamio views it as a heroic rescue when he wakes up.

Shinpaku’s flag bearer. He believes the flag is Shinpaku’s soul and is never seen without it. His enthusiasm is appreciated but is also a source of trouble as seen when he announces Shinpaku’s presence to Thor. He loyaly stays by Niijima’s side as Loki carries Odin’s order to eliminate Shinpaku.
Nickname: Flag boy

Shinpaku memberSquinty guy
Shinpaku member. He was there with Matsui when Niijima unveiled Shinpaku to Ragnarok’s lynch mob sent after Takeda. He becomes one of four mainstay Shinpaku members after Niijima makes the group official.

Shinpaku memberMizunoma (Mitsuruma?)
Shinpaku member. When Shinpaku walks into a trap set up at the Matsue Lark restaurant by Loki, he’s the only who believes Kenichi will show up to rescue them. His steadfast faith in Kenichi moves him to help them out.

Yasunaga sensei Yasunaga Fuujiro
Japanese History teacher and Kenichi and Miu’s homeroom teacher. Dry old man who takes his job seriously. He visits Miu’s home when Takashima purposely tells him that Miu is living with a fellow male student (Kenichi). He announces a sudden home visit to check on Miu. She has Shigure and Sakaki pose as her parents but he realizes immediately the parents are imposters. It turns out he’s a huge fan of Aksiame, so he lets the whole ordeal at Ryouzanpaku slide. He is also acting coach for the school’s looser basketball team. Apachai helps the team win one game during Miu’s performance in Romeo and Juliet.
Quote: “Sorry, but can you take that fool to the infirmary?”
Nickname: Baldy

Honno sensei Honno
English teacher. Energetic and vapid personality. It was during her class, Kenichi fought with Ukita and Takeda on the school roof. She also visits Miu’s home with Yasunaga on a mission to check Miu’s living conditions. She thinks Apachai is a monster and attempts to wrangle him, rather unsuccessfully, for Yasunaga.

The Shirahama Family
A close knit and protective family of four. A traditional family structure where the father is the primary bread winner and the mother takes on the more nurturing, domestic role as wife. The quirk is the mother is actually the stronger adult figure of the household and often portrayed restraining her emotionally immature husband.

Honoka白浜ほのか Shirahama Honoka (seiyuu: 桜川 朝恵 Sakuragawa Tomoe)
She is Kenichi’s adorable little sister. She dotes on her brother and is very protective of him. After a disastrous first visit to Ryouzanpaku, she makes friends with Apachai and Shigure on her second visit. She frequently stops by the dojo now, much to Kenichi’s dismay.

MototsuguShirahama Mototsugu (seiyuu: Gouri Daisuke)
Kenichi gets his personality from his father who’s protective of his son. He keeps a shotgun called Sebastion. He also keeps another gun called Maximillion. Both elaborately appear at his beck and call, usually in his vain attempt to storm Ryouzanpaku.
Quote: “Come forth, Sebastion!”

SaoriShirahama Saori (seiyuu: 折笠愛Orikasa Ai)
Kenichi’s mother. Her primary job seems to be restraining her gun happy husband. Unlike her husband who wants to shelter Kenichi, she chooses to let Kenichi face his problems even if it means fights and coming home beat up.

Shotgun kept in an housing system behind a wall scroll. Voice activated and ready at Mototsugu’s beck and call. (see Mototsugu) It’s the smaller of two shotguns.

Second shotgun kept in an even more elaborate housing system behind framed calligraphy. (see comparison chart) The larger of two shotguns kept by Mototsugu.

The Fuurinji Family
Not much is known of the Fuurinji family except Miu’s parents died when she was young and was raised by her grandfather. He and Miu currently run Ryouzanpaku, a place where martial art masters study and practice.

0822014703 Fuurinji Saiga
Deceased. Miu’s father. If he had lived, he’d be 38 years old. He’s the only person Akisame acknowledges, calling him “a man who was truly my friend”. His only memento of Saiga is a sleeping cat sculpture.

Fuurinji Shizuha
Deceased. Miu’s mother. It is presumed she and Saiga died at the same time leaving Miu behind to be raised by Hayato. She would’ve been 36 if she lived.

The Ma Family
An elite family of Chinese martial arts hailing from China. The main family heads the Phoenix Martial Arts Alliance.

HakubiHakubi Ma Ryou
The owner of a Chinatown restaurant and Ma Kensei’s uncle. Ma Kensei goes to him when he finds out Ma Sougetsu was Hermit’s master. He reveals Kensei has a wife and children back in Mainland China. He’s surprisingly lonely without Renka around so he gets drunk and attacks the local mafia.

RenkaMa Renka (seiyuu: かないみかKanai Mika)
Ma Kensei’s 16 year old daughter currently staying with Hakubi. Renka left her mother and two siblings to study in Japan and find her father. She’s tells Kenichi her father is head of China’s 100,000 strong Phoenix Martial Arts Alliance but he ran away from his duties when he got tired of the work involved.

SougetsuMa Sougetsu (seiyuu: 玄田哲章 Genda Tesshô)
Kensei’s older brother. He fled China 20 years ago after he killed some people. He ended up in Japan and became a hitman for a local mafia in Chinatown.

RyuuRyuu Genson
Hakubi’s disciple. Specialized in the Seven Star Praying Mantis Fist. He’s sent by Hakubi to bring back Renka. Renka tricks Miu into thinking he’s from the mafia. He and Kenichi end up fighting in the pool. They’re too stubborn to give up despite running out of air. Elder has to rescue them both from drowning.
Specialty: combination punches

ShokatsuShokatsu Kouan
Hakubi’s disciple. Specialized in the Piercing Leg. He’s sent by Hakubi to bring back Renka. Kenichi seals his specialty attack with superior leg power.
Specialty: illusionary kicks

The Tanimoto Family

Deceased. Hermit’s sickly sister. She never recieved proper medical treatment due to the their step-mother’s deception. Her memory gives him strength to carry on.

Deceased. Hermit’s adpotive father. Successful business man and owner of Tanimoto Enterprises. He adopted Hermit solely to be heir of the family business. He became a kind man after he married a woman employed at a Tanimoto research facility. He passed away under mysterious circumstances three years later. The culprit is believed to be the step-mother who was arrested and taken away.

Kaede’s doctor also employed at a Tanimoto reasearch lab. The young siblings’ father fell in love and married her. She brought the patchwork family a period of happiness until the father suddenly passed away and Kaede followed soon after. The reason for her husband’s death is never revealed, however, Kaeda never recieved proper treatments from her which ultimately lead to the young girl’s death. She is pinned as a murderess and taken away by the authorities while she emphatically claimed she was innocence.

Other Characters

ThugGangster #1
Distinguishable by the tuft of hair which looks like a rabbits tail and tacky gangster outfit, pink jacket with dark blue gray shirt complete with gaudy, gold necklace. He believes he can do whatever he wants because he strong and it’s the weak people’s duty to obey the strong. Miu beats him up for knocking down an old man and threatening Kenichi with a knife. Kenichi encounters him again later hassling two classmates, Himeno and Izumi. Akisame calmly dislocates his wrist when he threatens Kenichi then easily defeats his masked boss. Desperate, he fires a gun at them which only angers Akisame who drags him into an alley and does unspeakable things to all the gangsters.

5551055Masked Boss
Ex-pro wrestler. Boss of the gangsters Miu beat up. His first encounter with Ryouzanpaku is facing off with Akisame. He’s very confident of himself because of his size. He grossly underestimates Akisame who easily defeats him while using him as a teaching lesson on how to handle big opponents.

Once best friends with Takeda and fellow boxer. He turns out to be a poor friend. It’s implied he associates with the shady crowd when an unknown gang suddenly ambushes him. Together with Takeda, who rushed to his aid, they defeat the gang but the consequence of the brawl: Takeda’s left arm became paralyzed. He showed his gratitude by dropping Takeda as a friend since he became useless to him.

Kumidori GonzoKumidori Gonzo
A challenger from the Shiken Karate Dojo who can make his body hard as steel. He came to defeat the masters and take the Ryouzanpaku signboard. He asks to fight Sakaki 100 times but is offended when only Miu, a young girl, is available to be his opponent. Highly protective of Miu, Kenichi interfers and steps in as Kumidori’s opponent. Kumidori thinks Ryouzanpaku is underestimating him but it’s really him who underestimates Ryouzanpaku. Kenichi finally understands how to find openings and take advantage of them during his fight with Kumidori and makes his first successful hit. Just before Kumidori strikes back, Sakaki steps in and easily defeats Kumidori along with this entourage.
Nickname: Crab-head
Specialty: making body hard as steeel

MafiaMafia guy (for seiyuu see Berserker)
Head of the local mafia in Chinatown. He puts a hit order on Sougetsu for betraying him. Sougetsu proves more than he can handle. Tries to blow him up while Ma Kensei has him preoccupied.

Random gangsterGangster #2
He works for Mafia guy. Told to defeat Sougetsu who’s coming to destroy the gang. He’s confident of his strength but Sougetsu makes short work of him after he infiltrates the mafias headquarters.

Ryouzanpaku challenger #2Challenger #2
Another Ryouzanpaku challenger. He’s as tall as the main gates. Makes fun of Ryouzanpaku’s policies and Ma Kensei (calls him a midget). Ma Kensie gets carried away and knocks him into the dojo, disrupting Kenichi’s training.

Unscrupulous lawyer hired by a naive Natsu (aka Hermit) as a child. He tricks Natsu into signing his wealth away. He and his partner are stopped from disposing of the boy by Kensei (aka Saint of Fists).

Delinquents on a bikeGangster #3
Random delinquents on a moped. They made the unfortunate decision to mess with a kitten under the care of Kisara and Miu. The duo and their bike get pummeled by the girls.

ObasanCandy Stall Oba-san
The owner of a small candy stall in a park. Kenichi and Ryuuto used to visit the stall as children. When the two return 10 years later they’re amazed how the stall the old lady remained unchanged in all those years. She was once saved from thugs hassling the business by Miu (see Miu).

{} Names in brackets are taken from HSD Kenichi comic.

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  3. Kronos Says:

    Great description but… SPOILER ALERT !!!
    Phew ! I have already seen the whole anime but think about someone who hasn’t and is searching for some infos…

  4. Chisuki-san Says:

    Wow, that wasnt just a little information! o.o Cool!!!

  5. Torbjörn Says:

    Thanks! Just love Kenichi! Brings memories back to read about the characters.

  6. Daniel Says:

    some of your facts are correct. but half of it is just bullshit.
    it does not say the age of akisame, makensei, or sasaki.
    and if you go back to the Japanese translation pink muscle is not made of both white and red muscle. it’s completely different. Although it does have the qualities of both of the muscle types.

  7. sarah Says:

    apachi da miedo y el maestro que le enseña karate a kenichi se parece a super man, siempre mi hermano me dice: no ves 5 capitulos de kenichi, pero yo no le ago caso, mejor que se balla para la mierda y que se lamba su culo…

    arriba kenichi , abajo la mierda

  8. Milan Says:

    Ma Kensei is Perverted master of Chinese martial arts!!!!!!

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