Ghost Hunt | Characters


渋谷 一也 Shibuya Kazuya
Kazuya Shibuya (seiyuu/声優: Yuuki Tai)
16 and going on 17. Head of the Shibuya Psychic Research Center. He coerces Mai to work as his assistant for breaking company equipment. He’s a mysterious and impassive young man with limitless knowledge on the paranormal. He approaches cases using cold logic, technology, and reason.
誕生日 Birthday: September 19, おとめ座 Virgo. 血液型 Blood: Type A. 身長 Height: 175cm.

谷山 麻衣 Taniyama Mai
Mai Taniyama (seiyuu/声優: Kaori Nazuka)
Normal high school student who was assists Kazuya with a case at her school. Thinks Kazuya is an incredible narcissist and nicknames him Naru-chan. She then takes a part-time job offer from Kazuya after completing the case. Shibuya later confirms Mai for latent ESP abilities. She can dream of the past, present, and future. She often sheds light on a case with her dreams, heightened sensitivity and instincts.
誕生日 Birthday: July 3, かに座. 血液型 Blood: Type B. 身長 Height: 155cm.

Lin Koujo (seiyuu/声優: Ken Narita)
Shibuya’s tireless, and even less talkative assistant. Possibly an Onmyoji.
誕生日 Birthday: Janurary 11, やぎ座 Capricorn. 血液型 Blood: Type A. 身長 Height: 194cm.

滝川 法生 Takigawa Hōshō
Houshou Takigawa (seiyuu/声優: Kenji Hamada)
A laid back Buddhist monk from Mt. Kouya who’s better known as a rock musician and is popular with the high school girls.
誕生日 Birthday: Janurary 22, みずがめ座 Aquarius. 血液型 Blood: Type O. 身長 Height: 185cm.

松崎 綾子 Matsuzaki Ayako
Ayako Matsuzaki (seiyuu/声優: Masami Suzuki)
A Shinto priestess with unproven abilities. The group always jokes about her effectiveness in cases. She’s very outgoing and brazen.
誕生日 Birthday: July 24, しし座 Leo. 血液型 Blood: Type AB. 身長 Height: 152cm.

ジョン・ブラウン John Brown
John Brown (seiyuu/声優: Nobuhiko Okamoto)
Young exorcist priest with a gentle disposition. 19 years old.
誕生日 Birthday: Janurary 5, やぎ座 Capricorn. 血液型 Blood: Type A. 身長 Height: 162cm.

原 真砂子 Hara Masako
Masako Hara (seiyuu/声優: Rie Kugimiya)
Renowned TV spirit medium who seems close to Shibuya.
誕生日 Birthday: June 7. 血液型 Blood: Type B. 身長 Height: 167cm.

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