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Image copyright 2006-2007 史上最強の弟子 ケンイチ.

History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi
史上最強の弟子 ケンイチ
Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi

Episodes: 26+ (ongoing)
Genre: Shounen, Action, Comedy
Original author & artist: Matsuena Syun 松江名俊

Produced by TMS Entertainment
Official homepage TV-Tokyo, Sunday News
Rating: PG-13

Summary: Coward and weakling, Kenichi Shirahama decides to change himself in high school. His life takes a new turn when he meets Miu Furinji who tells him there’s a way for him to become stronger. He ends up temporarily joining a strange dojo full of powerful martial arts masters to save his skin but ends up staying to realize his dream.

1st Opening Theme: Be Strong by Kana Yazumi (E01-E25)
2nd Opening Theme: 「Yahhoo」 by Miho Morikawa & Akira Asakura aka DIVA x DIVA (E26-)
1st Ending Theme: Kimi Ga Iru Kara by Issei Eguchi (E01-E15)
2nd Ending Theme (2-2-2007): Catch Your Dream☆ by Koike Joanna (E16-E25)
3rd Ending Theme: Runover by Koike Joanna (E26-E45)
4th Ending Theme: 「心からのメッセージ」 by ジョー·リノイエ Kokoro no Message by Sakura (E46-)

Showtime Shedule
TV-Tokyo Channel 12: Saturday evening, starting October 7, 2006
Osaka: Saturday evening, starting October 7
BS Japan: Sunday evening, starting October 8
TVQ Kyushu: Monday evening, starting October 9
Television せ:Tuesday evening, starting October 10
Hokkaido: Wednesday evening, starting October 11
Aichi: Wednesday evening, starting October 11

Summary copyright 2007 (DoA)nimation. Images and trademarks copyright to their respective owners.

*In-progress. Will update with correct titles as it becomes available. Contains spoilers.

Broadcasts every Saturday evening on TV-Tokyo.
Watch each weeks preview!

第一撃 「梁山泊!豪傑の集いし場所」 2006年10月7日放送
01: Ryouzanpaku! The Place Where Heroes Gather (Air Date 10-7-2006)
By order of appearance – Kenichi, Miu,  Niijima, Daimonji, and the masters of Ryouzanpaku: Hayato, Apachai, Shigure, Kensei, Sakaki, Akisame
Kenichi is bullied at school despite his best efforts to change. By chance, he befriends transfer student, Fuurinji Miu, who tells him of a place that can teach him to become stronger. The catch, survive the training.

第二撃 「一歩先へ!闘いの始まり」 2006年10月14日放送
02: The First Step! The Start of Battle (Air Date 10-14-2006)
     1st appearance: Tsukuba
Ryouzanpaku take in Kenichi but all they do is strength and stamina training. Concerned about Kenichi, Miu teaches him a basic, yet high level technique for an up coming fight. Kenichi has to win or else he’ll have to quit the karate club.

第三撃 「力と勇気!正義を貫くために」 2006年10月21日放送
03: Strength and Courage! Protecting Justice (Air Date 10-21-2006)
     1st appearance: Shimayama, Tanaka, Shirahama family – Honoka, Mototsugu, Saori, Takashima
Kenichi is depressed over his impending fight with Tsukuba and resorts to sneaking around school to avoid confrontation. At home, his family is concerned about the injuries he brings home daily from training but Kenichi refuses to give up Ryouzanpaku. His luck finally runs out, and he’s caught by Tsukuba.

第四撃 「ケンカ地獄!やるかやらないかだ」 2006年10月28日放送
04: Fighting Hell! To Fight or Not to Fight (Air Date 10-28-2006)
     1st appearance Ragnarok: Kisara Nanjou, Koga “The Kicker” Taichi, Ukita “The Thrower”, Takeda “The Striker” Ikki
The Ryouzanpaku masters finally teach Kenichi techniques. Sakaki initially doesn’t want to teach him but Kenichi eventually wins him over with his hard work. At school, he’s ends up in an unexpected rematch with Tsukuba.

第五撃 「デート?きめちまえよ!」 2006年11月4日放送
05: A Date? Must Move Forward (Air Date 11-4-2006)
     1st appearance: Yuuka Izumi
Ragnarok is on the prowl looking for him at school so Kenichi strategically retreats to the Garden Club to hide. All the while, he continues training; however, his improvement slows because of his waning enthusiasm. The Masters come up with a sneaky plan to counter the problem: a date with Miu!

第六撃 「梁山泊での一日!屋根の上の夢」 2006年11月11日放送
06: A Day At Ryouzanpaku! The Dream on the Roof (Air Date 11-11-2006)
Kenichi’s family is in an uproar because he’s going to stay over at Ryouzanpaku during the weekends. Suspicious of her brother’s behavior, resourceful Honoka treks to the dojo to find out what’s really going on.

第七撃 「熱闘園芸部 リターンマッチ」 2006年11月18日放送
07: Battle! The Gang Fights Back (Air Date 11-18-2006)
     2nd appearance: Daimonji
Kenichi thinks he’s not improving at all especially after almost losing to Koga the Kicker. Serendipidously, it’s the re-appearance of Daimonji who helps him understand he has improved.

第八撃 「驚異の肉体 謎の師匠達」 2006年11月25日放送
08: Amazing Muscles! The Sensei’s Secret (Air Date 11-25-2006)
     1st appearance: Furukawa Takashi, Himeno
Kenichi freezes when a knife is drawn on him so Shigure takes it upon herself to train him in weaponry so he can properly defend himself. He thinks if he had bigger muscles he wouldn’t have to worry about weapons. Soon enough he learns it’s not the size that counts.

第九撃 「アパパパ~!アパチャイの修行」 2006年12月2日放送
09: Apa pa pa~ ! Apachai’s Training (Air Date 12-2-2006)
1st appearance: Tsuji Shinnosuke
Kenichi learns his next opponent is Takeda, an ex-boxer. The masters think it best he train with Apachai to prepare. The only problem is Apachai only has one mode when it comes to Muay Thai boxing, killer battle mode!

第十撃 「走れケンイチ!ボクサーの弱点」 2006年12月9日放送
10: Run, Kenichi! A Boxer’s Weakness (Air Date 12-9-2006)
Unable to track down Kenichi, Takeda comes up with a plan to lure him out: hold Kenichi’s friends hostage. However, there’s a misunderstanding and two of Kenichi’s bullies are taken instead.

第十一撃 「裏切りの拳 武田の悲しき過去」 2006年12月16日放送
11: The Fist of Betrayal! Takeda’s Sad Past (Air Date 12-16-2006)
Takeda tells Kenichi why he became a bitter delinquent. It goes from a fight to a life and death situation as Takeda ends up falling over the side of the school roof. Kenichi risks his own life rescue the boxer.

第十ニ撃 「新たなる敵!辻新之助」 2006年12月23日放送
12: A New Enemy! Tsuji Shinnosuke(Air Date 12-23-2006)
Kenichi struggles with his one-sided love continues. As he and Miu walk back to the dojo they’re confronted by Tsuji, one of Kisara’s officers but instead of elimating him as ordered, he tries to recruit Kenichi instead.

第十三撃 「ケンカ殺法!実戦の掟」 2007年1月6日放送
13: Killer Fighting Techniques! Rules of Engagement (Air Date 1-6-2007)
Takeda intervines before Tsuji serious seriously hurts Kenichi. Ukita has surprising words for his ex-comrade. Meanwhile, the Ryouzanpaku masters scheme on the next step in Kenichi’s development.


第十四撃 「命懸けの修行!混浴もついてます」 2007年1月13日放送
14: Dedicated Training! Nearby Hot Spring Bath (Air Date 1-13-2007)
The Ryouzanpaku masters want Kenichi to become a real disciple of Ryouzanpaku and move into the dojo to train full-time. Ma Kensei’s brilliant persuasion convinces Kenichi to agree, by appealing to his inner lech.

第十五撃 「ほのか潜入!梁山泊だじょ」 2007年1月20日放送
15: Honoka Sneaks In! Ryouzanpanku’s Guest (Air Date 1-20-2007)
Kenichi continues rigorous training at Ryouzanpaku as Hanoka visits Ryouzanpaku again with a stash of goodies for Kenichi.

第十六撃 「梁山泊最大の危機!!?」 2007年1月27日放送
16: Ryouzanpaku’s Greatest Crisis!?! (Air Date 1-27-2007)
New ED: Catch Your Dream by Kioke Joanna
Kenichi’s homeroom teacher is tipped off on inappropriate living conditions at Miu’s home,so a surprise visit is planned. Instead of telling the truth, Miu has the masters pretend to be her parents.

第十七撃 「守れ看板!道場破り襲来!」 2007年2月3日放送
17: Protect the Sign! Attack on the Dojo! (Air Date 2-3-2007)
First appearance: Maximillion
Kenichi steps up to protect Miu and Ryouzanpaku’s name when a challenger appears at the dojo while all the masters are out.

第十八撃 「楽園???秘境・風林寺島へ!」 2007年2月10日放送
18: Paradise? To the Secret Furinji Island (Air Date 2-10-2007)
Ryouzanpaku go on a vaction to Furinji Island. Kenichi thinks he can finally relax with Miu but it’s really a scheme by Akisame to help him overcome his cowardace. All he has to do is jump off a cliff or endure extra hard training to compensate.

第十九撃 「ラグナレク最強の者 八拳豪見参!」 2007年2月17日放送
19: Ragnarok’s Strongest! The Arrival of the Eight Fists! (Air Date 2-17-2007)
Sneak peak: Fists of Ragarock. 1st appearance: Hermit (6th Fist), Loki (4th Fist)
The masters want to begin technique training but Kenichi puts it off. Kisara is tested by the real leaders of Ragnarok upon promotion to 8th Fist. Kenichi has a rematch with Tsuji.

第二十撃 「武田の危機!報復の掟!」 2007年2月24日放送
20: Takeda in Danger! The Rules of Revenge! (Air Date 2-24-07)
Takeda is is filled with doubt because of an impending fight with Ragnarok for leaving the gang but he decides not to give in to his fear after watching Kenichi endure ruthless training for his sake.

第二十一撃 「許さない!ケンイチ怒りの拳!」 2007年3月3日放送
21: Unforgivable! Kenichi’s Fist of Fury (Air Date 3-3-2007)
Kenichi and Miu search for Takeda as the boxer faces off with Kisara. Elsewhere, Niijima prepares to unveal his secret plan.

第二十二撃 「集え若人!新白連合結成!」 2007年3月10日放送
22: Young Ones, Gather! The Formation of the Shinpaku Alliance! (Air Date 3-10-2007)
Shinpaku is offically a new gang and accepting new recruits despite protest from Kenichi. During a territory patrol, they meet none other than the fearsome 6th Fist, Hermit.

第二十三撃 「突撃!となりの梁山泊!」 2007年3月17日放送
23: Charge! The Neighboring Ryouzanpaku! (Air Date 3-17-2007)
Niijima plays cupid for Izumi who has a crush on Kenichi but it’s because he wants to recruit Miu and needs Kenichi out of the way. Izumi ends up in round of nasty polite talk with Miu when she stops by Ryouzanpaku with Niijima. The awkward situation escalates until the masters are forced to particpate the girl fight.

第二十四撃 「奪われたハート!美羽のジュリエット」 2007年3月24日放送
24: The Stolen Heart! Miu’s Juliet (Air Date 3-24-07)
First appearance: Tanimoto Natsu
The drama club’s president, Tanimoto, asks Miu to be Juliet in the production of Rome and Juliet but Kenichi is more distraught over Miu hanging out with the schools number one idol. Adding to his suffering, Kenichi is the target of vicious rumors aimed to trash his reputation.

第二十五撃 「死守せよケンイチ!美羽のくちびる」 2007年3月31日放送
25: Protect to the Death Kenichi! Miu’s Kiss (Air Date 3-31-07)
Miu is feeling blue because no one will see in the play since Eler is away. So the Ryouzanpaku masters decide to go as his replacement. Kisara goes against Hermit’s command and goes after Miu. Kisara’s past revealed.

第二十六撃 「剥された仮面!ハーミットの正体!」 2007年4月7日放送
26: Unmasked! Hermit’s True Identity! (Air Date 4-7-07)
New OP: Yahho! by DIVA x DIVA. New ED: Run Over by Koike Joanna
Apachai leaves his mark at Kouryuu High. Miu isn’t mad at Kenichi for missing the play because Niijima explained what happened. As the two walk home, Hermit attacks.


第二十七撃 「剛vs柔!空前絶後の兄第喧嘩!」 2007年4月14日放送
27: Steel vs Brawn! Quarrel Between Brothers! (Air Date 4-14-07)
First appearance: Ma Sougetsu
Since Renka can’t find her father, she looks for his target, Ma Sougetsu. She decides to kill two birds with one stone and take care of Sougetsu for dishonoring the Ma name before her father arrives.

第二十八撃 「斬り込み隊長参上!乱闘レストラン」 2007年4月21日放送
28: The Captain Attacks! Brawl at the Restaurant (Air Date 4-21-07)
Sneak Peak: Odin (1st Fist), Thor (7th Fist), Siegfried (5th Fist), Berserker (2nd Fist), Freya (3rd Fist)
A girl leaves a confession letter in Kenichi’s box. Niijima asks to borrow the Ryouzanpaku masters because he has a meeting with the 4th Fist, Loki.

第二十九撃 「恐るべしジーク!破滅へのプレリュード」 2007年4月28日放送
29: Fearsome Siegfried! The Prelude of Destruction
Niijima is captured during a reconnisonce mission to learn more about Siegfried. Loki thinks getting rid of Niijima will end Shinpaku since he’s the only one holding the fragile group together. Kenichi battles Seigfried to save Niijima and protect Miu.

第三十撃 「修行の成果! 小さく前にならえ!!」 2007年5月5日放送
30: Results of Training! Effects of Moving Forward in Small Steps!! (Air Date 2007-5-5)
Odin revealed
Kenichi can’t land one successful hit because he’s caught up in Siegfried’s pace. The teachings of the Ryouzanpaku masters finally awaken and he completes his technique, the gravity punch. Elsewhere, Niijima makes the most of his situation.

第三十一撃 「ほのか、お手伝いするじょ!」 2007年5月12日放送
31: Honoka, I’ll Save You!
First appearance: Kaede
Kenichi despairs because all his training yields little result. However, he finds encouragement to continue from Apachai. Honoka gets into trouble when she and Kenichi get separated during a shopping tirp but an unlikely hero steps in.

第三十二撃 「ほのかの危機! ロキの謀略」 2007年5月19日放送
32: Honoka’s in Danger! Loki’s Strategy
Unable to handle the training, Kenichi runs away and avoids anything to do with the dojo even his favorite person, Miu. Honoka trys to introduce her favorite brother to her savior but he brushes her off. Angry, she runs off alone and ends up Loki’s hostage after her identity is revealed.

第三十三撃 「ぶつけろケンイチ! 拳は語る!」 2007年6月2日放送
33: Fight, Kenichi! Let Your Fists Do the Talking!
Loki’s minions detain Miu and company while Hermit and Kenichi battle. Akisame and Sakaki make a wager on the winner of the fight. Hermit’s past revealed (part 1).

第三十四撃 「負けないで!愛する人が残した言葉」 2007年6月9日放送
34: Don’t Lose! The Last Words of a Loved One
Hermit’s past revealed (part 2). Loki uses Honoka to keep Kenichi restrained. Hermit makes a decision with the help of his sister’s parting words.

第三十五撃 「邪魔者なし!今こそ決着のとき」 2007年6月16日放送
35: No Burdens! The Time of Conclusion Arrives
Loki withdraws under Odin’s orders but Hermit still isn’t through. Kenichi and Hermit conclude their fight. Ma Kensei revisits memories of his brother through Hermit.

第三十六撃 「美羽vs連華!!嵐を呼ぶトライアングル」 2007年6月23日放送
36: Miu vs Renka! The Love Triangle That Calls Up A Storm
Tensions are high at Ryouzanpaku because of Renka, who has an obvious crush on Kenichi, and Miu, who isn’t taking it well. Renka tricks Kenichi into going to the local water park to bond but Ryouzanpaku is already there waiting for them. Hakubi sends his best disciples after her but Kenichi ends up fighting them when they attack Miu because of another Renka trick.

第三十七撃 「危険な誘惑 一緒にちゃんこを!」 2007年6月30日放送
37: The Dangerous Trap— Let’s Sumo!!
All Ragnarok members unveiled
Kenichi believes it’s necessary to end the dangerous Ragnarok organization and goes to the fighting pits to face Thor. Niijima uses his superior tactics to lure Thor into a one on one battle with Kenichi. Thor reveals his ambitious dreams.

第三十八撃 「かわいい子猫 女たちの肉弾戦!」 2007年7月7日放送
38: Lovely Kitten, Women’s Struggle!
Kisara and Miu are drawn together over concern for an abandoned kitten. It turns out they both have an obsession for cats. When Freya’s Valkyries show up to punish her for treasonous behavior, the kitten gets caught in the crossfire.

第三十九撃 「しぐれの個人授…ぎょう♥」 2007年7月14日放送
39: Shigure’s Personal Teachings…♡
Shigure comes to rescue since Kenichi can’t hit girls but more importantly, bring him home for dinner. The Valkyries think weapons are tools of power but Shigure teaches them their thinking is wrong.


第四十撃 「約束の地! すべてはここから」 2007年7月21日放送
40: The Promised Land! Everything Starts From Here
After chatting with Kenichi, it’s obvious he’s missing key memories of certain events in his past. Such as why he cherishes the yin-yang button so much. So the two go off in search of his lost memories but their trip down memory lane brings them face to face with Odin.

第四十一撃 「制空圏の恐怖! 龍は舞い降りた!」 2007年7月28日放送
41: The Terror of Seikuuden! The Dragon Has Landed!
Kenichi Kenichi’s yin-yang button is on the line in the long postponed fight with Odin. Niijima predicts it’s only a matter of time before an all out war erupts between Ragnrok and Shinpaku.

第四十二撃 「長老特急! 決死の山篭りツアー」 2007年8月4日放送
42: Elder’s Special Training! Do or Die Mountain Seclusion
Kenichi is a destructive annoyance since his fight with Odin. Concerned about the direction he’s headed, the Elder offers to teach Kenichi personally. Niijima tries to recruit Kisara through blackmail but Siegfried shows him a better way. Elder and Kenichi finally make it to their destination, Yamigata (Dark Valley). A remote location deep in the mountains where many fighters go to train because of the dense atmosphere. Kenichi’s first set of instructions: do not train for seven days. On top of that, he has to forage for his own food.

第四十三撃 「リミッター! 修羅道への誘い」 2007年8月11日放送
43: Limiter! The Asura Realms Lure (Air Date 2007-08-11)
Elder takes a gamble Kenichi will reject the violent path once he meets Ogata, a man with ties to Ryouzanpaku. Dou or Sei? Kenichi subconsciously makes a decision.

第四十四撃 「新白連合崩壊! 忍び寄る狂拳」 2007年8月18日放送
44: Shinpaku Alliance Crumbles! The Mad Fist Draws Near (Air Date 2007-08-18)
While Kenichi begins level 2 training in the mountains, Odin sends Berserker to destroy Shinpaku. One by one, the 2nd Fist eliminates the targets with swift efficency until only Niijima remains.

第四十五撃 「決別の一撃! キサラ、舞う!」 2007年8月25日放送
45: The Blow of Separation! Kisara Dance (Air Date 2007-08-25)
Siegfried puts everything on the line to stop Berserker. Kisara and Freya showdown. Kisara fights her mentor to claim her right to follow her own path.

第四十六撃 「さらば!! 新島、決意の出陣」 2007年9月1日放送
46: Farewell!! Niijima, Ready To Fight (2007-09-01)
Kenichi is concerned when he recieves a message from Niijima detailing his true plans for Kenichi. Sensing the worst, he decides to return home. Loki makes his move against Odin with the end of Shinpaku drawing near.

第四十七撃 「天才の弱点! 努力は才能を凌駕する!」 2007年9月8日放送
(土) 24:55
47: The Genius’s Weak Point! Hard Work Overcomes Talent! (Air Date 2007-09-08)
Striving for nothing, believing in nothing, Berserker cares only for the rush of battle. He looks down on the martial arts since he’s never lost using his sheer animal talent. Hermit is compelled to show him the strength of real martial arts training.

第四十八撃 「頂上対決! 伝説の槍を持つ男!」 2007年9月15日放送
(土) 24:55
48: Summit Showdown! The Man Who Wields The Spear Of Legend (Air Date 2007-09-15)
It’s a battle of Seikuuken between Kenichi and Odin but it’s also a battle of beliefs between two people who were once best friends. Kenichi is through holding back. He demands a serious fight with Odin. The glasses finally come off.

第四十九撃 「最強変身! リズム梁山泊!」 2007年9月22日放送 (土) 24:55
49: The Strongest Transformation! Ryouzanpaku’s Rhythm! (Air Date 2007-09-22)
Odin’s history revealed. None of Kenichi’s moves can get past Odin’s perfect defense. Since none of his moves work, Kenichi calls upon the skills of his masters.

第五十撃 「史上最強の弟子 ケンイチ!!」 2007年9月29日放送 (土) 24:55
50: History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi! [FINAL](2007-09-29)
Odin’s past finally revealed.

Nippon broadcast list @Syoboi.

Copyright 2007 (DoA)nimation. TV schedule from TV-Tokyo.


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